Graffitti Mitzvah

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our Graffiti-themed mitzvah at Story Nightclub, where urban art and pulsating beats created an unforgettable night. Live screen printing took center stage, turning hoodies into individualized canvases adorned with a custom logo—a unique wearable and lasting memento. Amid the rhythmic beats, guests actively engaged in crafting their fashion statements, making the celebration an immersive experience filled with urban creativity. Adding a touch of glamour, face glam stations offered another form of expression, providing guests with a sparkling artistic flair that shone beneath the nightclub’s vibrant lights. This curated photo album perfectly captures the essence of a night where graffiti art, live screen printing, and glitter glam seamlessly merged with music and celebration, leaving an indelible mark of joy, creativity, and urban chic style.


Screen Printing & Glitter Glam Activation | Lovely Locks Parties
Event Planner | Chris Weinberg Events
Photography | Domino Arts

Specialty Rentals | Gilded Group Decor
Body Paint | CJ Body Paint

Venue | Story Night Club